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                                                CANTERBURY DIGGERS LTD 
                                                        TERMS OF TRADE


1.	ACCEPTANCE: These terms are to be read and understood before any quotation is accepted between Canterbury Diggers Ltd and the client.
2.	QUOTE/ESTIMATE: Valid for 30 days unless stated otherwise.
3.	TRENCHES: We are not responsible for the compaction of any underground service trenches, drainage, electrical ECT. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the compaction of such trenches meet building code standards. 
4.	DRAINAGE: Items such as sumps are constructed in best practice .It is the owner’s responsibility to obtain any necessary consent from local authorities

1.	SEALING: Sealing will be carried out when the shade temperature at ground level is above 10 degrees or deemed suitable by contractors.
2.	OVERLAYS: When sealing over any existing surface, be aware as we are working to existing falls and levels and have no control over the sub base, some ponding may occur or where there are any cracks and joins reflective cracking may occur.
3.	CHIPSEAL: With new chip seal we recommend leaving loose chips on the surface for 2-3, months to give the chips a chance to become embedded properly.
4.	HINTS: Remember oil and petrol will damage the asphalt. Sweep your drive from time to time to avoid stones etc being embedded into the asphalt. Never water blast your asphalt.
5.	DRIVING WALKING: We recommend that you refrain from walking/ driving on asphalt for 48 hours after it is laid.  Asphalt is still vulnerable during the first few months .This is because asphalt contains certain oils that make it more malleable, and these oils can take over a year to evaporate.

1.	CRACKING: While the company will follow standard practice and install expansion cuts /joints an unless specifically supplied  a design by structural engineer it does not accept responsibility for any expansion cracking concrete may undergo beyond the companies control.
2.	COLOUR: The Company does not accept any responsibility for the surface discolouring caused by different weather conditions or uneven drying caused by shading.
3.	CURING PERIOD: We hold no Liability for damage done to concrete during the curing period.
4.	DRIVING/ WALKING: After your new concrete is laid we recommend that you don’t walk on it for 3 days. No vehicle should drive on the concrete for 14 days and you should refrain for a full 28 days for heavy equipment or large heavy trucks (ex: a concrete truck). Canterbury diggers is not liable for any damages to the concrete once it is laid.
5.	VARIATIONS: Any additional or unforeseen work that is required to be completed will require written instructions or purchase order.


1.	 A deposit of 50% prior to work proceeding on acceptance of quote, after all consents have been approved.  The remaining 50% is due within 7 days following invoice.
2.	PAYMENT TERMS: Payment is required 7 days from the job completion.
3.	This is a no retention quotation. Full payment is to be made.
4.	Any outstanding invoices will be referred to a collection agency. Any cost incurred will be in addition to the invoiced amount to which the client is liable for.
5.	Any late payments will incur a late payment fee of 12% per month.
6.	All goods remain the property of CANTERBURY DIGGERS LTD until the account is paid in full
7.	This invoice constitutes  a payment claim made under the Construction Contracts act 2002


1.	UNFORESEEN DAMAGE: Unforeseen or further damage, prior, during, or after the job may void the quote and / or any warranty or any guarantee, written implied or expressed may not be able to be provided for.
2.	Force majeure applies to all quotations and works under construction’s or completed.

By accepting this quote manually, verbally or electronically you are deemed to have agreed to accept our terms of trade.